Art of Click Review


  • Company Name: Art of Click
  • Country: Singapore
  • Commission Type: CPA

Art of Click is a reputable media company that cooperates with both advertisers and publishers in form of an affiliate platform for mobile marketing. It offers a set of efficient mobile strategies and establishes collaboration with leading firms as well as regional agencies to deliver some of its best-developed mobile solutions. Art of Click never stops following its key objective and tries its best to play the key role in all available mobile ad markets around the globe. Art of Click review is the best way to get acquainted with this trustworthy company featuring a team of experts in various fields.

What is Art of Click?

Established in 2011, has been performing a rapid growth turning into the fastest developing affiliate platform for mobile marketing in Asia Pacific. Its employees proceed with over 1 billion of ad impressions available in all major Asian markets as well as some key European and North American marketplaces.

Here at both publishers and advertisers can benefit from a team of experts in such fields as software development, IT, mobile and web development. The original idea was to deliver one of the most efficient platforms for successful and cost-effective optimization featuring real LTV and ROI to its customers. With its headquarters located in Singapore, Art of Click appears to be the Asian center of mobile development and technologies.

What Choose Art of Click?

6The company offers a range of benefits and advantages:

  • Marketing Optimization – the company collaborates with both advertisers and publishers of regional level as well as with well-established brands. It helps professional and novice web developers with implementing their strategies brining every idea to life;
  • Fastest Growing Marketing Platform – Art of Click is one of the leading Asian mobile marketing platforms featuring over 500,000 monthly downloads;
  • Professional Team of Experts – a team of dedicated and skillful experts consists of professionals in various fields ranging from IT industry and mobile app development to software engineering.

Publishers may benefit from efficient optimization ad strategies and campaigns that deliver organic targeted traffic and real downloads. Advertisers will take the advantage of successful tools that boost their ROI in addition to customers’ LTV.