Cheetah Mobile Review


  • Company Name: Cheetah Mobile Inc.
  • Country: China
  • Minimum Payment: $10.63

Cheetah Mobile is a result of collaboration between Kingsoft Security and Conew Image established in 2010. It resulted in an award-winning combination of experience in various key niches including technological security and mobile development. The main mission of the company is to boost mobile internet making it faster, more secured and easy-to-use. It delivers efficient online solutions for customers across the globe. Cheetah Mobile review will let you learn more information on a comparatively new but already reputable company.

What is Cheetah Mobile Today?

Here at a team of experienced developers, software engineers and designers develops prize-winning mobile apps. The company managed to grow into the second largest firm that deals with internet and mobile security in China. Moreover, it takes the third place among all developers of non-gaming applications represented at Google Play. The company can boast over 2.3 billion downloads of applications in accordance with statistics by the end of 2015, while the number of active users has reached 634 million mark.

The company offers a selection of products supported by all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Here are some of the most popular products developed by Cheetah Mobile:

  • CM Security;
  • Clean Master;
  • Battery Doctor;
  • Duba Anti-virus;
  • CM Browser and more.

8The company also has its own application market featuring a range of efficient mobile and web solutions to develop business, attract targeted traffic and proceed with its global distribution via company’s channels and access points.

The year 2015 appeared to be a turning point for the company after introduction of Cheetah Ad Platform. This is actually the first platform in China offering various types of mobile ads. It let the firm become a global leader in the field of mobile advertising.

Wide Range of Products is a huge marketplace of applications for both business and entertainment. Developers have already introduced some of their award-wining gaming apps including Piano Tiles 2. The game was titled as the best gaming app at Google Play in 2015. The application took leading positions at App Store as well with the biggest number of downloads on all global app stores including the USA, UK, Japan and others. The company continues exploring new fields. It has already introduced its social network.